The continuing saga of a man and his dream.

(don't try this at home... its a long process)

The ongoing construction of a 42 foot ferrocement sailboat.

It started with purchase of the blueprints in 1972 and hasn't ended yet! So I guess this is year 27 of the project. Actually the hull was finished in the first 3 or 4 years include 1 1/2 years spent overseas working to save money for the project financing which is always a paradox. Either you have time, or you work and have money but not the time, I find I seldom have both time and money together, well at least I have persistence. By now I could have bought a boat with far less effort ( as my life partner often reminds me), but I don't imagine there would be as much of a sense of accomplishment with that path. Someday soon (hopefully 2003) it will be ready. I must stop work for a year now while we bicycle around the world as part of odyssey2000.


 Above: the lines plan laid out on the sidewalk. The entire hull is built with just this and one other sheet comprised entirely of a table of numbers for enlarging the lines to full scale. (1972)