June 7, 2000 - Paris France

Rejoined the group today in Paris. Dropped off our rental car at Orly airport and took the bus and subway back to the Etap where we are staying. We're in a tiny room with three people in it, and we leave in the morning.

After only riding about 150Km in the previous 4 weeks, riding out of Paris was a killer. The mileage was about 10% greater than the route guide indicated, as usual, so the first 4 days totaled about 408 miles! Twelve hours on the bike the first day. This was the longest day ever. You can only make about 8km/hour through paris and its a very big city.


Monika is in most of the photos, because I'm usually the one behind the camera.

We rode right through the middle of Paris, past the Louvre, and on through Versailles and just kept going.

June 12, 2000 Le Mont St. Michel

After 408 miles in 4 days, we finally get a rest day. Well actually we still have to bike 50 km, but its called a rest day, and its a nice easy ride where I can really goof off and still get there in a couple of hours. The fortress here is spectacular!
le Mont Saint

June 14, 2000 Fecamp (France)

Crossed this neat toll bridge across the seine in Le Havre. It had a nice bike lane:
Bridge across seine
      in Le Havre

We rode past the D-Day beaches in Normandy on the way to Calais.

German WWII Gun
Huge German gun in Normandy museum.

June 16, 2000 Martin Mill England

From Calais we took the hover craft to Dover England and then had a short steep uphill ride to Martin Mill. You can't do this anymore, since the hovercraft ceased operating shortly after this. (Inside it was like and airplane cabin).

The Hovercraft from
      Callais to Dover
Getting off the hovercraft in Dover

June 17, 2000 - London England

By this time we had learned that most big cities are not fun to ride into, so we took the train into London from Martin Mill, (one of the easiest train rides we
took with the bikes.) This also allowed us to conserve energy to tango at night. But it turned out the place I found on the internet moved somewhere else 2 weeks
earlier. We did manage to find another place the next day however.

Buckingham Place
Buckingham Palace, London

Big Ben
in front of Big Ben

The line that appears above Monika's head below
is the "prime meridian" at Greenwich, so she
is half in the eastern and half in the western hemispheres.

The Prime meridian
      in Greenwich England
Prime meridian, Greenwich England

June 21, 2000 Winchester

Bought some new tires at a bike shop in London and put them on at the train station then caught a train out of town to Hastemere so we wouldn't have to negotiate heavy traffic, then biked the rest of the way to Winchester.

June 22, 2000 Bath

Rained four or five times. Road to Stonehenge, looked through the fence in the rain, then double backed a few miles to continue to Bath. On the way I almost got hit by a car. I was crossing a road near a traffic circle and got mixed up about which direction the traffic was coming from, I'd also forgot to shift down before I came to a near stop, so suddenly I found myself in the middle of the road barely moving in high gear with a car headed at me from a direction I didn't expect. If the car hadn't of slowed I'd be a street pizza.

June 24, 2000 Cardiff Wales

Somewhere between Cardiff and Bulith-Wells Wales:
Riding in Wales

June 26, 2000 Barmouth

Took the train ahead so we could have a shorter trip tomorrow to enable us to catch the early ferry to Ireland.
But not from station below.. just had to get a photo of the name which is famous for being the longest word in the ??? language. Longest name

June 27, 2000 Dublin Ireland

I think the photo below is near where we caught the ferry to Dublin, don't remember the name of the place.

There seem to be no trees in Ireland, everywhere is open grassland and rocks stacked up to make rock fences.

June 30, 2000 Strandhill (Sligo)

Took a short cut along the highway. No traffic and a great shoulder, rather than ride the route on some rough road. Spotted this interesting statue at a rest stop and had to get a closer look:

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