Monika and Dan's
Around the world bike trip with Odyssey 2000

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Red Rock State Park, Nevada

Monika and Dan are back in the USA as of December 19, 2000. The Odyssey 2000 trip actually ended early on Nov 26, 2000 in Singapore when TK&A determined they were out of funds to continue unless we paid more which we along with the majority of the riders opted not to do.

December 1999 - Preparations and training

The record of our journey has been reorganized in pages by month:

January 2000 - Baja to Panama
February 2000 - Chile to South Africa
March 2000 - Greece and Italy
April 2000 - Italy, France, Spain, Gibraltar
May 2000 - Spain, Portugal, France, Germany
June 2000 - France, England, Wales, Ireland
July 2000 - Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden
August 2000 - Finland, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland
September 2000 - Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia
October 2000 - Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam
November 2000 - Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore
December 2000 - Thailand

 We were on a more or less supported tour. For a really amazing storie of a man who has travelled the world more than anyone in history and all on a bicycle see this. For our next big adventure follow the (slow) construction of our ferro-cement sailboat.



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